Friday, January 2, 2009

A Soggy Garden and Some Nice Bread

It's about three months since this photo was taken. These grasses have come and gone and their offspring are now enveloped by three and four foot been stalks with violet flowers on them. The weather has also changed. The rains that I heard so much about all fall finally came. The low sun doesn't get to the soil like it did when I first got to California and the garden path is soggy now, not hard and dusty. I haven't used the hose in at least three weeks and the graywater seems like its doing more flooding than quenching.

Pretty soon those flowers will be beans and those beans on the table. The greens are going hard and the baby cauliflower is hidden in the womb of those wonderful two foot leaves. The carrots got thinned out for the final time yesterday, and the replanting experiment worked. There will be some good work to do this weekend and the photos will be up soon.

Last night Mike and I made a couple recipes from the fine people at Mother Earth News: artisan bread and a millet and butternut squash bisque with smoked salmon. Both were from scratch and amazing, especially together. Neither of us had made bread before so that was pretty exciting. There is plenty of dough left for another couple of boule loaves and a pizza or two. Damn cheap and dang tasty. There is something amazingly satisfying about watching something transform from ingredients to dough to tasty, warm, in-ma-bellie-good bread. Go bake something, it'll make you happy!

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